2008 Primary Vote Totals

It appears that Senator Obama has clinched the Democratic nomination (both the AP and CNN give him more than the 2116 needed). Senator Clinton has not conceded yet, but I assume it will come soon.

The vote totals, alphabetic, also has the breakdown by caucus and primary (scroll down to see the pdf files). Here are the final numbers (some states still have not counted all their votes, but it’s final for me):

Caucus: Obama 67.29%, Clinton 31.34%–Obama 368,584, Clinton 171691

Primary: Obama 48.59%, Clinton 48.26%–Obama is ahead by 16,214,338 to 16,105,616. If Florida is added (since the delegates are now sort of in) then I have Clinton ahead 16,962,853 to 16,783,824.

The numbers above are arguable because they contain all the numbers except Michigan–including both the primaries and caucuses of Texas and Washington. You can see all of the numbers and decide for yourself if you look at the pdf files below.

Here are links to the pdf files for total votes in the primaries by:








Vote Totals by Date-through 3/11

Vote Totals by Date-through 3/4

Vote Totals by Date-through 2/19

Vote Totals by Date-through 2/12

State (alphabetical):







Vote Totals Alphabetic-through 3/11

Vote Totals Alphabetic-through 3/4

Vote Totals Alphabetic-through 2/19

primary vote totals (through 2/12)

Delegate Count:

Democrats (2118 needed):

AP: Obama 2154, Clinton 1919 (Edwards 26)–Obama wins the nomination

CNN: Obama 2156, Clinton 1923 (Edwards 26)

Republicans (1191 needed):

McCain wins the nomination.

Here’s a link for the complete breakdown for the Democrats.

Old Stuff:

6/3: Montana (99% counted) Obama 57%, Clinton 41%

South Dakota (100% counted) Clinton 55%, Obama 45%

6/1: Puerto Rico (100% counted) Clinton 68%, Obama 32%. I will wait until Wednesday to put up the file with all the numbers.

5/31: Michigan, Florida the results of these states are accepted with half votes–Florida as is, Michigan by exit polls (giving Obama 59 delegates and Clinton 69)

5/20: Kentucky (100% counted) Clinton 65%, Obama 30%

Oregon(100% counted) Obama 59%, Clinton 41%

5/13: West Virginia (100% counted) Clinton 67%, Obama 26%

5/6: Indiana (99% counted) Clinton 51%, Obama 49%

North Carolina (99% counted) Obam 56%, Clinton 42%

5/3:Guam Obama 50.1%, Clinton 49.9% (this is a caucus)

4/22: Pennsylvania(99% counted): Clinton 55%, Obama 45%

3/11: Mississippi (99% counted) Obama 60%, Clinton 37% 

3/8: Wyoming  Obama 61%, Clinton 38%

3/4: Ohio

 Clinton 54%, Obama 44%

 McCain 60%, Huckabee 31%, Paul 5% 

Rhode Island:

 Clinton 58%, Obama 40%

 McCain 65%, Huckabee 22%, Paul 7% 


 Clinton 51%, Obama 47% in the primary; Obama 56%, Clinton 44% (with 41%–it might take until March 29 to be decided) in the caucus

 McCain 51%, Huckabee 38%, Paul 5%

Vermont (99% counted):

 Obama 59%, Clinton 39%

 McCain 72%, Huckabee 14%, Paul 7% 

2/19: McCain won all 20 delegates in Puerto Rico, 9 delegates of American Samoa, and 9 delegates from the Northern Mariana Islands. I don’t see any vote totals, but will add them if I find them. 

It seems that there was an Americans abroad Democratic primary (for US citizens living out of the country–there isn’t one for Republicans). Obama won with about 65% of the vote. I don’t see the vote totals anywhere, so I won’t put it in the vote total files below. 

Washington is messing up the total count because they have now had both a caucus and primary. For the Democrats the caucus decides who gets the delegates (which is a bit weird since so many more people voted in the primary) while 51% of the Republican delegates are decided by the primary.

In the total vote, the votes organized alphabetically have two total counts: one using the votes from the Washington caucus and the other by the primary. The one organized by date has for now one sum with both–I will probably fix this at some point.


Democrats: Obama 58%, Clinton 41%

Republicans: McCain 55%, Huckabee 37%, Paul 5%.


Democrats: Obama 76%, Clinton 24%


Democrats: Obama 51%, Clinton 46%

Republicans: with 99% of the vote–McCain has 50%, Huckabee 24%, Romney 17%, Paul 8%

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