A rainbow over Malden



I haven’t uploaded a picture for a while. Here’s one of the Boston skyline with a couple additions: there’s a new tower next to the Prudential and, in front of it, the new casino (in Everett, opening in June 2019):.


Global warming is obviously a hoax since it’s snowing in Malden:

I have to say this or President Trump will call out the PC police.

Goodbye Cassini

The Cassini spacecraft is scheduled to plunge into Saturn’s atmosphere tomorrow ending its 13 exploration of Saturn. Here’s a picture (Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute), it’s not the best but it is one of the last:

For better views you can get a short movie here (WordPress doesn’t allow me to put it in this post) or there’s a nice book here.

It’s been a great ride Cassini, thanks for the great pictures and videos over the years.

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

I went to the Gardner Museum, so here are some pictures:

It’s an impressive little house in the Fenway. The building is also nice but they’re fixing it up right now so you can mostly only see construction.

Happy Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July everyone. Here are some all-American sights here in Malden:

A monument giving the founding date of the city:

A public library  (the Converse Memorial)

A fire station:

The Malden Public High School:

You might notice that there are US flags in front of each. Happy Independence Day.

Cassini flies close to Saturn

Here are some pictures that Cassini took a few days ago (Credit: Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech):

As you can see, they’re not all that impressive … except:

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is giving earthlings their closest-ever views of Saturn’s swirled atmosphere and its massive hurricane, beaming a trove of images and data back to Earth after the craft made its first dive between Saturn and its rings Wednesday.

This is part of Cassini’s Grand Finale and the first of its dives close to Saturn. The pictures aren’t impressive but they give new information on Saturn.

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