Hey, why not bring back torture?

So, we are supposed to give Donald Trump a chance? Let’s see what he has done:

  • he signed the global gag rule which prohibits groups that get money from the US government from even mentioning abortion.
  • His administration wants to turn Medicaid into block grants and then increase it slower than the rate of medical inflation–in other words, cut it.
  • His pick for budget director wants to cut Medicare and Social Security.
  • When the EPA sent out a tweet that Trump didn’t like, he instituted a media blackout.
  • He is breaking constitutional law already.
  • His pick for Education Secretary hasn’t been involved in public education and doesn’t even know some of the basic elements being discussed.
  • He has signed documents supporting the Keystone and the Dakota Access pipeline.
  • He will sign an order to build his stupid wall and implement racist immigration policies.
  • He says he will order an investigation into non-existent voter fraud because he can’t accept that Hillary Clinton got 2.9 million more votes than he did.
  • His administration lies so much, they’ve decided to change what lies are called–now they’re alternative facts.

I could go on and on and on. And he’s been in power for less than a week.

Oh yeah, he wants to bring back torture, black sites, and start sending more people to Guantanamo.

Fuck this guy.

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