Senator Shelby makes a funny

Given that Republicans now hold the Presidency, House, and Senate there will be talk about the use of filibusters by Democrats. Let’s see what Senator Shelby says:

Hanging over Democrats’ heads is a threat from some Republicans that they will seek to eliminate the filibuster, which they can do by changing the Senate rules. “We should not let the Democrats stifle the will of the people,” said Alabama Republican Richard Shelby.

That would be this Senator Shelby:

Regan Lachapelle, a spokeswoman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, confirmed that Senator Shelby has put a hold on dozens of nominations made by Mr. Obama for various government posts. Those include Pentagon and State Department positions.

“Senator Shelby is holding all of the president’s nominees pending on the Executive Calendar,” Ms. Lachapelle said. “Regardless of his concern, Shelby shouldn’t have a hold on 70-plus nominees because of a parochial issue.”

Ha ha, Senator Shelby cares about the will of the people. That’s funny.

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