How could anyone have foreseen these things?

Donald Trump put xenophobia at the center of his campaign and was explicitly racist and sexist. If you voted for him, you voted for things like this:

In the wake of Donald Trump’s election, reports of racist incidents are emerging from the nation’s schools and universities, including students who chanted ‘‘white power’’ and called black classmates ‘‘cotton pickers.’’

Reporting by The Associated Press and local media outlets has identified more than 20 such encounters beginning on Election Day, many involving people too young to cast a ballot.

Who could have guessed that many of Trump’s supporters were racists and xenophobes? I’m sure you’ll be surprised to learn that all of the senior executives on his transition team are white.

This is also in the category of the obvious:

The new inner circle at the transition offices will direct the activities of dozens of corporate consultants, lobbyists, and other specialists who will be responsible for recommending candidates for agency jobs across the breadth of the federal government. Some of those advisers come from industries for which they are now in charge of finding top regulators.

Go back to that list of people on the transition team:

Ms. Mercer, the daughter of hedge-fund executive Robert Mercer

Mr. Mnuchin, the chief executive of the Dune Capital Management fund, is a longtime banker and former Goldman Sachs executive who has since helped arrange billions in financing for studios in Hollywood.

Mr. Scaramucci is the founder of a hedge fund called SkyBridge Capital

Mr. Thiel is a Silicon Valley billionaire and co-founder of PayPal.

Now look at this:

A member of the Trump transition team told Reuters there were more than 100 people now involved in developing “white papers” on what regulations to roll back after Jan. 20. Some environmental measures and a rule requiring retirement advisers to act in their clients’ interests could be among the first on the chopping block, an industry lobbying source said.

People voted for Trump because he was anti-establishment and would go harder against the moneyed groups than Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump is PART of the moneyed establishment, so, of course, he’s going to help the moneyed establishment. People are such idiots.

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