The MBTA and Labor Day

So, Monday was Labor Day. Let’s see what happened the next day:

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is considering the privatization of driver and maintenance worker jobs, a prospect that could lead to the layoff of hundreds of employees, as it tries to cut into a multimillion dollar deficit.

The MBTA’s fiscal and management control board, which oversees the agency, told legislators in a report that MBTA management is focusing on drivers, operations employees, and maintenance workers — particularly for buses — because those areas account for about 85 percent of the MBTA’s operational costs.

Such privatization could mark Governor Charlie Baker’s most extensive effort to outsource MBTA jobs to date. It follows the T’s decision to pursue privatization of its warehouse and cash-counting operations, which potentially could eliminate more than 100 jobs.

Joe Pesaturo, a T spokesman, said that privatization “remains a critical tool” for the T as it seeks to close a $100 million deficit.

The day after Labor Day the control board decides is a good time to start pushing to weaken labor. They seem nice.

Update: It seems the report came out on Saturday.

Update 2: Here’s Charlie Baker last year:

“I do not want to privatize the T. I do not want to slash services,” Baker said, testifying about his plan to install a fiscal and management control board and free the transit agency from procedures required before state services can be privatized.

Baker said he hopes to supplement the T with privatized service, and Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack suggested areas that would be difficult or impossible under the current privatization requirements.

Pollack said she would not be able to convert the new late-night weekend train and bus service to smaller, private buses, and said there are questions about whether the T could contract for fare agents on the commuter rail.

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