Cul de Sac by Richard Thompson, September 10, 2007 Via @GoComics

Richard Thompson, the creator of Cul de Sac, has died. It was one of my favorite comics until he was forced to quit because of Parkinson’s disease. He was also the favorite of people like Bill Watterson

Thompson “has this huge range of cartooning skills … ,” Watterson says. “Richard draws all sorts of complex stuff — architecture, traffic jams, playground sets — that I would never touch. And how does he accomplish this? Well, I like to imagine him ignoring his family, living on caffeine and sugar, with his feet in a bucket of ice, working 20 hours a day.

“Otherwise, it’s not really fair.”

Pat Oliphant,

“You would never suspect it by looking at him, but behind the quiet, mild-mannered Richard Thompson exterior lurks the real Richard Thompson,” Oliphant says now. “I know he would hate to be termed a genius, but that is exactly what he is.”

and Garry Trudeau

“Of all the new comics I’ve read, only two registered as winners immediately — literally within a strip or two,” Trudeau says. “The first was ‘Calvin and Hobbes.’ Nineteen years later, it was ‘Cul de Sac.’ A distinctive, fully evolved style married to consistently funny, character-driven wit — we don’t see this often.”

Go read, they start here:

Cul de Sac by Richard Thompson, September 10, 2007 Via @GoComics

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