Clinton has won the nomination

So Hillary Clinton won in California, New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota yesterday (Bernie Sanders won in North Dakota and Montana) after winning in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico over the weekend giving her a total of 2184 pledged delegates (give or take) and 2755 total delegates. These guarantee her a majority if you look at a count with or without the superdelegates (there are a total of 4051 pledged delegates and 4765 total delegates), so the only way she wouldn’t win is if almost all of the superdelegates ignore the will of the voters and switch to Sanders.

If we look at the total votes, we find Clinton has 15,889,720 while Sanders has 12,183,223. This undercounts Sanders’ totals a bit since 12 of the 23 contests he won were caucuses (because caucuses are bad and usually only have a small percent of voters participate), but it’s still clear that Clinton won a majority.

I hope everyone who voted for Sanders votes for Clinton in the general election so we don’t get Donald Trump (look at 1980 and 2000 to see how badly things can go if people decide that both sides are equally bad).

Oh, for fun, the website that gave the total votes lists all the votes, including 15 people who got fewer than 100 votes including Brian James O’Neill II who has received 2 votes. He has a website

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