Let’s see what’s happening with the Democratic Republic of Congo:

Bosco Ntaganda is not the first person accused of war crimes to appear voluntarily before the International Criminal Court, but the former Congolese rebel commander and once powerful crime boss is the first to do so after turning himself in at a US Embassy.

Now in the dock, he is safe, except from the prosecution’s evidence. The chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, will seek to convict Ntaganda for his brutal campaigns, in which he is accused of terrorizing and killing civilians in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Ituri region, an area coveted for its mines that yield gold, tungsten, and other valuable minerals.

She said that he ordered his troops to attack, pillage, rape, and kill civilians using guns, machetes, and knives, and that numerous towns and villages were razed in order to drive out the population.

Among these crimes, she said, was the evidence that “he recruited hundreds of children and used them to kill and to die in the fighting.”

“Girl soldiers were passed around to be used by soldiers and others as they pleased,” she said.

In other words, they did all those things that have made the Islamic State so notorious (and the scale of the killing in the DR Congo was much bigger than that in Syria and Iraq) and yet this is on page 6 of the Boston Globe and you’re unlikely to see it on any TV newscast (well, perhaps well into the program). I wonder why? Well, most of the people in the area are Christians so it’s obviously not terrorism. And the fighting didn’t restrict the flow of coltan or other resources from the Congo, so it didn’t affect us or our cellphones.

Here’s another bit, this from Yemen:

A suicide bomber and a subsequent car bombing killed at least 20 people Wednesday at a mosque in Yemen’s rebel-held capital, Sana, amid the country’s raging civil war, officials said.

In a message circulated on social media, Yemen’s local Islamic State affiliate claimed credit for the bombing, identifying the suicide attacker as Quay al-Sanaani. It said the assault was revenge against the Shi’ite rebels known as Houthis that hold Sana.

Hmm, there’s a country fighting against the Houthis–Saudi Arabia. And we’re helping them. So the US is fighting on the same side as the Islamic State in Yemen. Yeah that makes sense.

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