Bernie Sanders for President

It seems that Bernie Sanders is running for President:

Among his proposals, Sanders calls for free college tuition, a $1-trillion program to rebuild the nation’s roads and bridges, government-run healthcare, higher taxes on the wealthy and publicly funded elections to reduce the influence of the country’s rich donors.

He would break up the nation’s big financial institutions, and he opposes trade agreements, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership that President Obama is pushing, which Sanders says have punished workers by shipping jobs overseas.

All of this sounds good to me. If you want more information, you can look at his Wikipedia entry or here’s his Senate site.

If nothing else, hopefully this will get rid of one of the reasons given for opposing lots of things: we can’t do that it’s socialism. Bernie Sanders (unlike most politicians) would have no problem with his programs being called Socialism–he is, after all, a Democratic Socialist (this is, basically, one of the main parties in Sweden). He will also be a pushback against the corporate influence in politics.

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