Ron Fournier: education is stupid

So, Ron Fournier was talking about the State of the Union and he worries about the tone:

Close your eyes, set aside your opinion of Obama, and objectively listen to a chunk of the address. Does he sound like a college professor—dismissive, dour, arrogant, and argumentative? Or does he sound like a preacher—inspirational, inclusive, optimistic, and humble? The latter approach is the mark of a great leader.

Being an instructor at a university, I do believe I’ve been insulted. Ok, now read it again: a college professor teaches facts, research methods, and how to solve problems, which is bad. I’ll have to ask my students, but I never thought I was dismissive (unless someone said something that was obviously stupid–hey, I can see why Ron thinks professors are dismissive since he says some pretty stupid stuff) or dour (unless most of the class seems to be missing something important–hey, I can see why Ron sees professors as dour) or arrogant (unless Ron means that I think I know the subject I’m teaching better than my students) or argumentative (I will argue if a students insists that what they’re doing is right when it’s not–another thing that Ron is probably familiar with). Actually, now that I think of it, having Ron Fournier say bad things about my profession makes me feel pretty good.

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