Well not completely united

So, there was a big unity rally in Paris after the terrorist shootings last week. It seems not everyone thinks that’s a good thing:

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany was right there next to the president of France on Sunday, marching through the streets of Paris for all the world to see — all the world, that is, except the readers of an ultra-Orthodox newspaper in Israel.

The newspaper, HaMevaser, altered a front-page photograph of the march to remove Ms. Merkel and other female leaders, setting off snickers and satire on social media.

Their readers probably don’t want to know about this either:

“Hatred of strangers, racism, extremism have no place in this country,” she said. After the Paris attacks, she said, one has to use “all means to move against intolerance, against violence.”

“We have to turn decisively against everything which breeds prejudice against people who have foreign roots, or against those who are the weakest in society,” she said at a gathering of the 25-year-old German Society Association in Berlin.

Sure it might sound nice, but it was spoken by Chancellor Merkel who they’ve rather not see or hear from it seems.

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