That’s not a good sign

Elizabeth Warren has been appointed to a new position:

Senator Elizabeth Warren on Thursday was handed a specially created slot in the Senate Democratic leadership, further elevating her profile as the party’s liaison to liberal groups.

The article wonders if this could be a problem:

But it also could pose complications for the Massachusetts politician who positioned herself as a populist outsider and now must try to thrive in partnership with the party establishment. Under the arrangement, Warren, one of Wall Street’s severest critics, will work alongside New York Senator Chuck Schumer, who often collaborates with financial institutions.

So far that doesn’t seem to be a problem:

A Warren aide said Friday the senator will not support Antonio Weiss, a Harvard-educated Wall Street investment banker the president nominated earlier this week for Treasury undersecretary of domestic finance.

To me, this move tells all of the liberals, like me, what we’ve known for a long time: liberals aren’t considered a real part of the Democratic Party. Otherwise why would there need to be a liaison?

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