I despair of the world

This boggles my mind:

There’s at least a seven in ten chance that Republicans will net the six seats the party needs to reclaim the Senate majority heading into the 114th Congress, according to the three major election models that aim to forecast the results of Tuesday’s vote.

This would be the party that on President Obama’s inauguration day in 2009 plotted ways to block his agenda –this was at the height of the biggest recession in 60 years.

This is a party whose lead budget master thought in 2008 that the big problem the country was facing was inflation. This same Paul Ryan thought the budget should be balanced by cutting taxes on the rich–yeah, I know, it doesn’t make sense but somehow he convinced a lot of people that he was a serious person.

The Republicans are also the ones that wanted to balance the budget instead of voting for stimulus–the countries who tried this did much worse than the ones who tried stimulus and yet voters are going to go with Republicans. And remember it was Republican policy that crashed the world economy in the first place.

Republicans have brought obstruction to unprecedented levels, people don’t like obstructionism and yet they say they think Republicans are better in the way Congress works. My head hurts–Republicans obstruct everything and it seems voters will blame Democrats.

I can’t imagine voting for any national Republican and yet it seems they’re going to be in control of the House and Senate.

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