Why do Republicans worry about in person voter fraud?

Given that there’s little evidence of in person voter fraud, it’s always been a little curious how much time Republicans spend talking about it (ok, it’s really pretty obvious why they do). But I’m starting to get it (via here):

Republican Kathy Myalls is urging voters to elect her to a seat in the Illinois State Legislature.

But will she vote for herself?

It’s a fair question, since records show Myalls has voted in both Illinois and Wisconsin in recent years.

In one case, she cast a vote in a primary election in Illinois. Then just three months later, records show she voted in Wisconsin to cast a ballot in the state’s recall election. The effort was aimed largely at recalling Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker — someone with whom Myalls is pictured on her Facebook page. Myalls then voted in Wisconsin’s presidential general election in 2012 before returning to Illinois to vote the following spring.

It seems that Republican politicians seem to have a habit of voter fraud (ok, that last one is about Ann Coulter). Perhaps they’re worried about voter fraud because they assume others are like them? I’m just asking.

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