Which side are they on?

Quick quiz, are the following statements from people who are working with or against the Obama administration? The answer is under the fold.

David Glazer, stood with Arch Coal. Glazer told Jackson that the government should not “monetize” the impact of global warming.

What doesn’t make sense, Slone said, is imposing “imprudent and unwise” regulations to cut carbon emissions. He said “technology is the answer to addressing climate concerns,” referring to efforts to capture carbon emissions and store them underground, which is being tried at a number of sites around the world.

“There is still a lot of debate on global warming,” Ludlow said. “The earth has been warming for 10,000 years, the glaciers have been receding. All the models I’ve seen have over-predicted the impact of global warming. I believe the effect of carbon dioxide is overstated.” Referring to his company’s local employment, as well as the ability to provide electricity to people around the world, Ludlow said, “There’s a lot of people who refer to carbon as a social benefit, not a social cost.”

Here’s the first quote put in context:

“If you only look at the problem from the standpoint of the great benefits to employment and taxes and all those things and you don’t even try to look at what it’s going to cost in terms of global warming, the day is going to come when it’s too late to think about global warming,” Jackson said, according to a court transcript. (The Globe paid for the transcription, which otherwise was not publicly available.)

But the Obama administration’s lawyer, David Glazer, stood with Arch Coal. Glazer told Jackson that the government should not “monetize” the impact of global warming.

The judge sounded incredulous.

“Doesn’t somebody sometime need to take very seriously what the effect that these greenhouse gases is on the world that we live in?” the judge asked Glazer.

Glazer sought to shift the blame away from the administration.

“Absolutely, and I would say that that’s Congress,” Glazer said. “Obviously it’s something that a lot of people care deeply about, and a lot of people have different opinions about, and I think it’s going to take that kind of level of activity on the political level.”

I hope a lot of Republicans read this:

In a scathing ruling issued on June 27, the judge wrote that the administration’s failure to consider the impact of carbon emissions was “arbitrary and capricious.” Jackson ridiculed the administration for insisting that predicting the impact of carbon emissions was “impossible” because tools to assess the impact “are presently unavailable.” In fact, the judge said, such tools are available but the administration failed to use them. He accused the Obama administration of delivering a “factually inaccurate justification for why it omitted the social cost of carbon protocol.”

Republicans love to talk about how the administration lies, well here’s a real example. Somehow, though, I have a feeling they’re not going to call out Obama on this.


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