Democracy will be back any time now

Gee, what a surprise:

Thailand’s junta leader, who seized power in a military coup three months ago, officially assumed his new post as prime minister on Monday following an endorsement from the country’s monarch.

Prayuth, who is expected to name his Cabinet next month, has said elections could be held in 2015. Prayuth has said the army had to stage the coup to end half a year of political deadlock between protesters and the government and to stop sporadic protest-related violence that had killed dozens of people.

I assume it’s  complete coincidence that this is exactly what one of the sides wanted (that would be the side that doesn’t like democracy because they can’t win an election). I also assume Prayuth isn’t even thinking of running for office if an election actually happens (the election will probably happen about the time that Prayuth is confident that he’ll win).

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