The Boston Globe has articles about Arthur T and Arthur S. It seems that Arthur T is nice when it comes to his workers but not so nice when it comes to his cousin and members of the board, while Arthur S is fine with people not his workers. Here are the important bits:

He (Arthur T) joined the company board in 1974, just a year out of high school, and rose to president in 2008, winning the affection and loyalty of workers who credit him with fighting tight-fisted relatives to preserve strong wages, bonuses, and a retirement plan, while keeping prices low for customers.

In one memorable gesture, Arthur T. authorized the company to make up a $46 million loss sustained by employees’ profit-sharing fund during the 2008 financial meltdown.

There’s another important difference, from the employees’ perspective. Arthur S. favored sending more of the profits to shareholders, while Arthur T. has wanted to give more to employees through profit sharing.

I don’t know why the workers would much rather have Arthur T in charge and why they like him better.

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