Charles Cooke and being a nerd

Charles Cooke has a very weird article attacking Neil deGrasse Tyson basically because he’s too smart. Others have looked at this, so let me look at just a few bits:

Thus do we see residents of Brooklyn who are unable to tell you at what temperature water boils rolling their eyes at Bjørn Lomborg or Roger Pielke Jr. because he disagrees with Harry Reid on climate change.

Or perhaps, they roll their eyes at Lomborg because he’s not a scientist and has been called out by actual scientists (I look at some of it here).

You’ll note that the typical objections to the likes of Charles Murray and Paul McHugh aren’t scientific at all, but amount to asking lamely why anybody would say something so mean.

The main objection is that Charles Murray was wrong in the Bell Curve (or just silly).

Oh, and it seems Republicans have a problem not just with all these new fake nerds but with actual scientists.


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