Let them die

We have become a country without empathy. When President Obama asks for a bunch of money to deport children quicker, Republicans complain that he isn’t doing enough:

The president said he needed the money to set up new detention facilities, conduct more aerial surveillance, and hire immigration judges and Border Patrol agents to respond to the flood of 52,000 children. Their sudden mass migration has overwhelmed local resources and touched off protests from residents angry about the impact on the local economy. In a letter to congressional leaders, Obama urged them to “act expeditiously” on his request.

Republican lawmakers who have long demanded tougher enforcement of immigration laws along the border expressed cautious support Tuesday for beefing up the federal presence in the Rio Grande Valley, where most of the children have been crossing into the United States.

But many Republicans, especially in the House, remain deeply suspicious of the president’s commitment, a mistrust that led to a stalemate on a broader immigration overhaul and now threatens to at least delay speedy passage of Obama’s $3.7 billion spending request.

Here’s the background of these children:

Central America’s Northern Triangle of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras has become one of the most violent regions on earth in recent years, with swaths of all three countries under the control of drug traffickers and street gangs who rob, rape, and extort ordinary citizens with impunity.

Honduras, a primary transit point for US-bound cocaine, has the world’s highest homicide rate for a nation that is not at war. Hondurans who are used to hiding indoors at night have been terrorized anew in recent months by a wave of attacks against churches, schools, and buses.

In El Salvador, at least 135,000 people, or 2.1 percent of the population, have been forced to leave their homes, the vast majority due to gang extortion and violence, according to UN figures.

But it’s not like it’s our fault, right?

Violence by criminal organizations spread after members of California street gangs were deported to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, where they overwhelmed weak and corrupt police forces.

Ah hell, who cares. We’ve been ignoring Central America for years (except for all the coups and civil wars we’ve backed).

We are indeed the nation that turned back a ship of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany (but it’s not so bad, only a quarter of them died in concentration camps).

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