Asylum seekers go away

This is interesting:

Three busloads of immigrant children — many who were fled gang violence in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras — met a human blockade on Tuesday afternoon in California. Many were accompanied by parents.

In downtown Murrieta, about 70 miles north of San Diego, hundreds of protesters shut off access to a nearby Border Patrol station in Riverside County, waving American flags, shouting “go home” and holding signs that read “stop illegal immigration” and “illegals out.”

After the immigrants are interviewed and processed by Border Patrol agents, they are expected to be handed over to ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations. Immigration officials will reportedly determine on a case-by-case basis which families will be deported and which have a case for asylum, the Desert Sun reported.

Let’s look at some US law

There is no right to asylum in the United States; however, if an applicant is eligible, they have a procedural right to have the Attorney General make a discretionary determination as to whether the applicant should be admitted into the United States as an asylee. An applicant is also entitled to mandatory “withholding of removal” (or restriction on removal) if the applicant can prove that her life or freedom would be threatened upon return to her country of origin. The dispute in asylum cases litigated before the Executive Office for Immigration Review and, subsequently, the federal courts centers on whether the immigration courts properly rejected the applicant’s claim that she is eligible for asylum or other relief.

In other words, if a person asks for asylum it is illegal to just send them home as these protesters were asking–why do they support illegal activities?

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