A story

Fred was walking down the street walking his dog and deciding if he needed to buy some dog food when he realized that he didn’t own a dog. Nonplussed, he tried to figure out what he did and did not know–he didn’t know where he lived or how he had arrived where he was, but he did remember how to add. He stopped and turned around to find his bearings which had dropped out of his pocket. He then sat down at a bench when he noticed the world was spinning … ok at least that was normal. He calmed himself by taking several deep breaths and then fell asleep.

He awoke because out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, he sprang from the bench to see what was the matter. Away to the ice floe he flew with Flash (the name of the dog he realized) and tripped on a sash. And there he was with a dented nose and nothing much else besides a diaper–hey, he was the new year. So he decided to make some fireworks. This was a little rough since all he had was a leash, a dog, a sash, and a lot of ice and snow. Still, he whipped something together in a trice and rose asleep.

When he bwoke this time it was because Flash was pushing around the trice and making an awful racket. So he tried to play some tennis, but what with the racket and Flash’s lack of hands it didn’t go so well. So he set off the fireworks. Unfortunately, he had made the fireworks just a tad too powerful and much of the ice floe, along with the natural attraction of the Earth, was erased. Realizing the lack of gravity of the situation, Fred kind of floated asleep.

This time he cwoke in his more usual manor. It seemed that he and Flash had floated back to a more hospitable clime in the time they had slept. As they walked to the main house, Flash hit him like a bolt of yarn or rather he made Fred look like a ball of yarn as Flash raced around him in his excitement to be home. Finally Fred was flung to the ground and barked his shin quite loudly on an exposed branch. This really woke him up and he remembered everything or at least the fact that Thing 1 and Thing 2 lived thereabouts which was probably why he had ended up on a floe. Ah well he thought as he walked into the house, All’s well looks to be ok so things were a bit of all right. Well, except for his nose which was hurting even more after walking into the house.


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