Obamacare decreases the percent without insurance

I wonder when we’ll actually see things like this reported:

Overall, 11.8% of U.S. adults say they got a new health insurance policy in 2014. One-third of this group, or 4% nationally, say they did not have insurance in 2013. Another 7.5% got a new policy this year that replaced a previous policy.

That’s a lot of people. 2.1% of the newly insured said they got their insurance through the exchanges and the other 1.9% got it elsewhere (through their parents or Medicaid or decided to take advantage of insurance they already had access to, I assume). Here’s some of the breakdown of the newly insured:

The newly insured are, on average, much younger than the overall population, with most younger than age 65.

The newly insured have lower-than-average annual household incomes, as might be expected. This skew toward the lowest income categories is particularly prevalent among those who signed up through the exchanges, who are significantly more likely than the overall population to be in the less than $24,000 household income category.

More needs to be done, but this is a good start.

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