Of course, gays don’t count

There are too big stories about homosexuals today and in both, an anti-gay activist doesn’t understand what he’s saying. In Uganda, the President signed a bill with harsh penalties, including life imprisonment, for gays. Here’s part of what the President of Uganda said:

Africans “never seek to impose our view on others; if only they could let us alone,” Mr. Museveni said, alluding to Western pressure to reject the bill.

Yes, this is why he signed a bill that imposes the view of Christians on others–if only Christians (and Muslims and …) would let the gays alone.

In Arizona, a bill to allow businesses to not serve gays has passed and is now awaiting Governor Brewer’s signature or veto. Here’s one of the bill’s supporters in an interview with Anderson Cooper (the actual interview is here, but it doesn’t have a transcript):

Cooper then reminded Melvin that, “no florist is going to be forced to participate in a gay wedding, because, ‘a’ — you don’t have gay weddings in Arizona, and you’re not going to any time soon — and ‘b’ under Arizona law, it’s OK to discriminate against a gay person, to refuse them service already.”

“With all due respect sir, I don’t know anyone in Arizona that would discriminate against a fellow human being.”

“Discrimination doesn’t exist in Arizona?,” Cooper, shocked, asked, noting he knows people in New York who discriminate.

“Well, maybe you ought to move to Arizona. We’re more people-friendly here, apparently.”

The purpose of the bill is to make it difficult to sue a business if they refuse to sell to someone who is gay and came up because of:

the case of a New Mexico photographer who was sued after refusing to take wedding pictures of a gay couple. They said Arizona needs a law to protect people in the state from heavy-handed actions by courts.

If, as Melvin asserts, no one in Arizona would discriminate against a fellow human then this bill makes no sense–the whole point is to protect businesses that discriminate.

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