Class warfare

This isn’t exactly something to be proud of:

Boston has the fourth-largest gap between rich and poor among the nation’s 50 largest cities, according to a  study released on Thursday by the Brookings Institution, a Washington, D.C., nonprofit. Only Atlanta, San Francisco, and Miami had wider income divides between the top 5 percent of earners and the bottom 20 percent.

If you go to the study, you find the numbers: the 20th percentile for household income in Boston was $14, 604 in 2012 while the income for the 95th percentile was $223,838. The city of Boston mandates that 15% of the units of new housing is ‘affordable’–there’s not even enough affordable housing being made for the bottom 20%. It’s pretty obvious why inequality is so bad in Boston, almost all of the housing is being made for the rich and near rich–some of the poor can find housing through federal and state subsidies (which are being cut) but the middle-class is out of luck.

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