Senator Ron Johnson: you don’t want to work for me

Senator Ron Johnson doesn’t want subsidies for his aides:

The Republican senator’s lawsuit, filed in Wisconsin district court, seeks to  overturn a rule adopted by the administration’s Office of Personnel Management  to continue contributing a government subsidy to help pay the monthly healthcare  premiums of members of Congress and their staff members after they enroll in  plans offered through the District of Columbia’s new exchange.

As part of the Affordable  Care Act, members of Congress and their staff members were no longer allowed  to receive healthcare through the federal benefits system, a provision intended  to shift them onto the exchanges set up for private individuals who do not  receive employer-provided plans.

But the law was ambiguous about whether the lawmakers and staff would  continue to receive the generous government contribution that previously  subsidized their coverage. The Obama administration ruled that they would.

Johnson said at a news conference at the Capitol on Monday that the  administration’s rule amounts to “special treatment” for lawmakers and their  staffs. He said the government subsidy gives them a tax benefit not available to  ordinary Americans who do not have employer-based coverage.

I wonder what people who work for him think of this and remember that not all of them are wealthy.

Separately, I love this:

But the larger issue, Johnson said, was the administration’s use of executive  authority to waive or delay parts of the law. His office provided a list of 13  specific changes to the law made by executive action, and cited an outside  analysis of at least 27 overall.

“If members of Congress, if this administration don’t like the law of the  land, they should come to Congress to change the law of the land,” Johnson said.  “They should not change it by presidential decree or presidential fiat.”

Republicans in this Congress absolutely refuse to make any changes to Obamacare even if it makes it better (in some ways, especially if it makes it better since they want it to fail), so there’s absolutely no way to change anything through this Congress.

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