Pay at nonprofits

The pay of the CEOs at nonprofits is worrisome:

A survey of 25 large health insurers, universities, and other Massachusetts charitable organizations, released Thursday by Coakley’s office, found that all of them paid their leaders between $487,000 and $8.8 million a year in total compensation each year between 2009 and 2011.

In addition to salaries, many of the organizations offered executives an assortment of other benefits, including bonuses, deferred compensation, auto allowances, financial planning, life insurance, and other considerations that are more commonly associated with corporate leaders and boosted their total pay.

In 2011, that brought total compensation of Northeastern University president Joseph E. Aoun to $3.1 million. In the same year, Partners HealthCare chief executive Gary L. Gottlieb received $2.2 million, Tufts Health Plan head James Roosevelt Jr. took in $2.1 million, and ISO New England chief Gordon van Welie received $1.6 million.

On the one hand they are still making less than their counterparts in the for profit world, on the other hand they’re supposed to be doing this not for the money. Does the president of my university really deserve $3.1 million?

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