Pregnancy and abortions

There’s a lot to like in this report by the CDC:

The largest declines in the pregnancy rates from 1990 to 2009 among women aged 15–44 were for teenagers aged 15–17 (down 53%) and 18–19 (down 36%).

The abortion rate was the lowest recorded during the 1976–2009 period and has dropped almost continuously since 1980. The abortion rate in 2009 (18.5) was 32% lower than in 1990 (27.4).

and the reason for both declines should also be good news to everybody:

For teenagers, evidence shows that trends in the behavioral determinants of pregnancy are consistent with the declines in their pregnancy rates. For example, the latest NSFG data show a continuation of a long-term downward trend in the percentage of teenagers who are sexually experienced, and a long-term upward trend in the use of contraception at first sex. The degree to which pregnancies are unintended or unplanned also contributes to understanding the rates, not only for teenagers, but for women of all ages. Nearly all abortions are a result of unintended pregnancy. Thus, differences in outcomes across groups such as married and unmarried women are closely related to differences in unintended pregnancies among these groups.

So, the increasing use of contraception has decreased the number and rate of abortions which is why even religious conservatives are pushing for increased use (oh wait).

Here’s a comparison (data from here):

1990: pregnancy rate–115.8; live birth rate–70.9; abortion rate–27.4; fetal loss rate–17.4

2009: pregnancy rate–102.1; live birth rate–66.2; abortion rate–18.5; fetal loss rate–17.4

In absolute terms this meant there were about 6.4 million pregnancies, 4.1 million live births, 1.15 million abortions, and 1.1 million fetal losses in 2009.

Notice this says that the percent of pregnancies that ended in abortion decreased from about 24% in 1990 to 18% in 2009 while the percent that ended in fetal loss increased from about 15 to 17% and live births increased from about 61 to 64%.

As a snarky, mean-spirited addendum, notice this means that God is really moving up as the abortionist of choice (and this isn’t even counting the huge number of very early term miscarriages that go unnoticed).

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