Central African Republic

Given the way news works in the US, if you hear about an African country it’s probably not good:

The crisis in the Central African Republic has worsened  sharply in recent months, with sectarian attacks between rival Christian and  Muslim groups, and warnings the country could descend into sectarian warfare or  genocide.

Fighting between rival militias broke out in the capital, Bangui, early  Thursday, according to news agency reports, as the shock waves of a rebel coup  in March continue to reverberate. Witnesses and aid workers  counted at least 98 dead, the Associated Press reported, adding that an AP  reporter counted 48 bodies in a mosque. There were other reports of bodies lying  around the city.

It’s always hard to tell without deeper knowledge of a situation if religion is the real reason for the problems or if leaders just manipulate others using religion for the main reason for conflict in this world–money.

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