No, really

This is one of those obvious statements:

Republicans controlling the House oppose a drive by Democrats to renew jobless benefits averaging less than $300 a week nationwide for the long-term unemployed, a senior GOP lawmaker said Tuesday.

‘‘I don’t see much appetite on our side for continuing this extension of benefits,’’ said Representative Tom Cole, Republican of Oklahoma. ‘‘I just don’t.’’

Republicans didn’t really support the expansion in the first place so this is par for the course.

‘‘These have been extraordinary extensions, and the Republican position all along has been ‘we need to go back to normal here at some point,’’’ Cole said.

The additional benefits have been extended each year since 2009, sometimes after bitter battles over whether they should be ‘‘paid for’’ with spending cuts in the budget.

The Republican position has been to oppose this since the start, so the fact that unemployment is still quite high doesn’t really enter into the conversation.

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