Stossel says Scrooge was right

Just in time for Thanksgiving, that time of year when we think of what we’re thankful for and the less fortunate, John Stossel has for the third year running a show saying not to give to the homeless. This year he didn’t even try begging again, he used footage from last year–he’s quite the lazy guy. What makes it even better is that when asked to name a charity to give to, he didn’t name any that helped the homeless so I guess he doesn’t think they should get any help. In fact, if you look at this interview he basically says that the rich shouldn’t give any money to charity (he specifically says that Bill Gates did more good at Microsoft than with his charity and twice says that Michael Milken did more to help people in his junk bond phase, when he committed fraud, than Mother Theresa–I wonder if he would claim the same about Jonas Salk who gave away the patent for the Polio vaccine).

I hope that most people will not follow the lead of this pathetic human being and actually help other people over the holidays by giving to charity.

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