Congo and M23

There might be good news out of the DR Congo:

One of Congo’s most feared rebel groups declared an end to its violent insurgency Tuesday following military defeats at the hands of Congolese army forces backed by a new United Nations combat brigade, bringing a touch of hope in a battle-scarred nation.

The problem is:

More than 40 militias and rebel groups still terrorize communities in Congo, which is roughly the size of Western Europe, and pillage its vast mineral wealth, including gold, tin and copper. Core grievances still fester among Congo’s ethnic Tutsis, who formed the core of the M23 rebels. M23 political leaders have vowed that another ethnic Tutsi rebel group would rise up if they are defeated or if their demands are not met at the negotiating table.

The wealth part is the reason, there very well might be real grievances but that isn’t what’s been driving the problems in the Congo–it’s the money to be made.

The other reason to be wary is that this sounds almost exactly the same as 2009: a Tutsi led rebellion was ending, international groups had been pressuring Rwanda who almost certainly supported both rebellions, and one of the main leaders of the rebellion was arrested. Hopefully this time will be better.

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