Fix Obamacare

There are big problems with the rollout of Obamacare. It needs to be fixed, but it’s also an opportunity for us liberal/lefties:

Liberal Democrats need to propose real, old-fashioned liberal solutions to the real problems of the ACA. Things like federalizing Medicaid, to take care of people in states where the expansion has been blocked, and lowering the Medicare eligibility age. And they need to reintroduce the public option. None of that is attainable now, but it could be in the near future. That whole package ought to be pushed for by unions and by activists in primary elections. The message needs to be nakedly populist — “make Obamacare work for you instead of the insurance companies” — and made without the fear of conservative backlash, because conservative ideas are unpopular. And Democrats in Congress ought to begin seriously agitating for Medicare-for-all, both because it is the correct policy, and because doing so will make everything else seem more “reasonable.”

The liberal solutions to the healthcare situation would have been easier, cheaper, and better than Obamacare, but to get there we first have to make sure Obamacare survives.

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