Tea Party thinks cliffs are made to go over

So, the government shutdown is over and it made Tea Party Republicans quite unpopular–according to Pew Research it is viewed favorably by 30% of the population and unfavorably by 49% (they break down the population by gender, race, age, and education and more people find them unfavorable than favorable in every group). This, of course, means they think they should do it again:

“This fight is not over. It has really only just begun,” Senator Marco Rubio, a Florida Tea Party Republican, vowed in the hours before the Senate passed a deal to raise the debt ceiling. “Now, Obamacare is going to start hurting real people, in real ways. And when it does, there is going to be a mad scramble in this town to fix it or get rid of it.”

While Cruz and Rubio did not explicitly threaten to shutter the government again in January in order to dismantle the health law, that was the stated threat of some hard-core holdouts who support them.

“You have to use every opportunity,” said Adam Brandon, executive vice president at FreedomWorks, a Tea Party movement group. “Frankly, this is the new normal. It’s embarrassing that that’s where the government is now, that we have to use these extreme measures to force people to the bargaining table.”

Ya know Adam, it could be that you need to use these extreme measures because your views just aren’t popular. Senator Cruz agrees that he messed up. Ha ha, I’m kidding:

Cruz in late September staged a 21-plus hour quasi-filibuster on the Senate floor, helping spark a budget fight in the Republican-led House that partially shuttered the government in an attempt to sever funding for the White House’s signature health care law.

Then, with the country facing a debt default, leaders in the Democratic-led Senate brokered a deal to end the standoff — which Cruz dismissed as ‘‘selling the American people down the river.’’

‘‘You don’t win a fight when your own team is firing cannons at the people who are standing up and leading, which are the House Republicans,’’ he said. ‘‘That’s what happened, and that’s what led directly to this lousy deal, is when Senate Republicans declined to unify and declined to support House Republicans.’’

You and the House Republicans have made the Republican party extremely unpopular by your actions, but the problem is that other Republicans didn’t want to follow you over the cliff. I can  see why even moderate Republicans view you unfavorably.

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