Criticized for what they did

This makes me sad:

Democrats sent similar e-mails attacking Republicans facing tough elections around the country. The offensive highlighted how all Republicans — even those  who publicly tried to end the Tea Party movement’s strategy of shutting down the government and bringing the nation to the brink of debt default — may pay a heavy political price.

“It’s not like the Biblical Passover, where there’s blood on the door to mark the virtuous,” said Fergus Cullen, former Republican Party chairman in New Hampshire. “Every Republican will get slaughtered. They will all suffer for the sins of one or two.”

There are all those Republicans who are being attacked for shutting down the government when it was really only a few really responsible. Wait (bold added):

In fact, almost every Republican lawmaker voted with the party’s conservative wing at various times during the shutdown, even those who fretted about the direction hard-liners were taking. Many said at the time that it was important to keep the party together as House Speaker John Boehner attempted to initiate negotiations with Obama and Senate majority leader Harry Reid. Others felt pressure from outside conservative interest groups that are pouring money into Republican primaries on behalf of Tea Party movement challengers.

Just one House Republican voted against the initial plan last month to defund Obama’s health law as a condition of keeping the government operating. That lawmaker, Representative Scott Rigell of Virginia, represents a district carried by Obama in the 2012 election.

Yeah, it sure is unfair to attack all the Republicans for shutting down the government when ONE voted against doing so. And then there’s the usual ‘both sides do it’:

Richard Tisei, a former Massachusetts state senator and Republican who nearly unseated Representative John Tierney in 2012 and is weighing another run, said on Thursday that he would try to emphasize disgust with both political parties if he challenges Tierney again.

“People might blame one side more than the other,” Tisei said. “But they’re just appalled by the pettiness, the arrogance, the stubbornness on both sides.”

Sorry Richard but this one’s all on Republicans. They have been talking for most of the year how they would use the debt ceiling as a negotiating tool, which is why they refused to negotiate all through the summer.

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