We want voter fraud that helps us

The Republicans have succeeded in shutting down the federal government, but their work in the states goes on. In North Carolina, they are preparing to defend a law on voter fraud. Let’s see what that entails:

North Carolina’s new law cuts early voting by a week, ends same-day voter registration, and includes a stringent photo ID requirement. The measure also eliminated a popular high school civics program that encouraged students to register to vote in advance of their 18th birthdays.

Ok, I’m not sure what early voting or encouraging students to vote has to do with voter fraud. Let’s learn some more:

More than 70 percent of African-Americans who cast a ballot in North Carolina during the past two presidential elections voted early. Studies show minority voters are also more likely to lack a driver’s license.

I assume it’s a coincidence that they’re more likely to vote for Democrats. Let’s continue:

As in those other states, North Carolina Republicans have said that voter ID requirements are needed to combat in-person voter fraud, which they claim is endemic.

Records show most criminal prosecutions for voter fraud in the state involve absentee ballots, which the new GOP-backed law actually makes easier to obtain and which do not require any sort of ID. State statistics show Republican voters are more likely to cast absentee ballots than Democrats.

Holder specifically pointed to the lack of evidence showing voter fraud is a big problem in North Carolina as an indication the real goal is partisan gain.

That’s some pretty impressive chutzpah there–claim the law is to prevent voter fraud and actually loosen the standards where most fraud occurs (it is, again, a coincidence that these are people who are more likely to vote for Republicans).

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