Bernie Sanders and veterans

This statement shows that people don’t understand Bernie Sanders:

Bernie Sanders, in his first bid for Congress in 1971, ran as a member of the nonviolent, socialist Liberty Union Party. He has maintained his antiwar stance since, first as a member of the House, then the Senate.

Now, in one of the most unlikely turns in his career, Sanders is chairman of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, casting himself as a champion of those who fought in wars he battled to prevent.

Being a Democratic Socialist, Sanders tries to fight for the poor and middle-class. That’s exactly what most soldiers are, so he is perfect for this job. Look at what the job entails:

When it comes to providing medical care in hospitals and clinics, Sanders believes the VA — which, he reminds listeners with a grin, is the largest health system in the country and a model of socialized medicine — provides very good treatment.

For example, its more holistic approach combining primary care with disease prevention and mental health, he said, should be adopted by the wider health care system.

he helped successfully shield the Department of Veterans Affairs from the automatic budget cuts — known as the sequester — that are hindering other government agencies. His committee also recently passed improvements to the GI Bill for veterans to get a college education.

I’m sure that he would like if these types of successes could be accomplished in general, but it seems it can only be done for the military. And really, doesn’t this sound like a Socialist’s rallying cry:

“Some may not be aware that some tens and tens of thousands of young healthy men and women have come home from those wars with traumatic brain injury and post traumatic brain disorder,’’ he said last month after visiting the site of a new veterans health clinic in Burlington and meeting with officials from the White River Junction VA Medical Center, the largest in the region. “We have a moral responsibility that all those veterans — and all veterans — get the best quality health care that we can possibly provide.”

Veterans should be glad that someone like Sanders is working for them.

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  1. Bruce Thiesen
    Oct 12, 2013 @ 12:25:20

    For a number of reasons, we are all very fortunate to have Bernie Sanders. Include his awareness of the issues that our veterans face. I suspect that they are indeed glad that he is working for them.


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