Another step back to the gilded age

Via here, it really does look like the US is going in the direction of the 1800’s. Corporations are being given a freer hand to do what they want and now they’re hiring private armies:

Heavily armed, masked guards from an Arizona-based security company received approval last week to return to the site of a proposed mine in Wisconsin where they have clashed with protesters. However, the district attorney of Iron County, where the site is located, has implied he will take action against the mining company if the guards try to return with their weapons.

The guards, who have been outfitted with camouflage and semiautomatic weapons, are employed by Arizona’s Bulletproof Securities, a company that specializes in “border security” and “executive” protection and is run by an entrepreneur who also is tied to ventures in real estate and payday loans. Bulletproof’s guards were initially ordered to leave the site of the planned mine July 10 after it was found they were operating without a Wisconsin license.

Gogebic Taconite, the company that hopes to operate a mine on the site has argued the heavily-armed guards were necessary because protesters who are concerned about the impact the mining would have on forests had disrupted operations and attacked equipment at the site.

It’s a small step from this to the Pinkertons.

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