Rand Paul and Chris Christie

It seems there’s a little spat going on between Rand Paul and Chris Christie. It started out with the usual “if you don’t let the government secretly spy on everyone, people will die”:

“I just want us to be really cautious because this strain of libertarianism going through both parties right now and making big headlines I think is a very dangerous thought,” Christie said at an Aspen Institute panel of Republican governors in Colorado Thursday night.

Asked specifically whether he was referring to Paul, Christie said, “You can name any number of people and he’s one of them.”

“These esoteric intellectual debates–I want them to come to New Jersey and sit in front of the widows and the orphans and have that conversation,” Christie said, evoking 9/11. “And they won’t because that’s a much tougher conversation to have.”

Rand Paul, being Rand Paul, couldn’t resist being stupid:

Paul told reporters after speaking at a fundraiser outside Nashville on Sunday that Christie’s position hurts GOP chances in national elections, and that spending priorities of critics like the governor and Rep. Peter King of New York do more to harm national security.

“They’re precisely the same people who are unwilling to cut the spending, and their ‘Gimme, gimme, gimme — give me all my Sandy money now.'” Paul said, referring to federal funding after the hurricane last year. “Those are the people who are bankrupting the government and not letting enough money be left over for national defense.”

Two problems: government spending in a recession helps the economy and let Christie tell us about the other one:

“So if Senator Paul wants to start looking at where he’s going to cut spending  to afford defense, maybe he should start looking at cutting the pork barrel  spending that he brings home to Kentucky, at $1.51 for every $1.00 and not look  at New Jersey, where we get $0.61 for every $1.00,” Christie said, noting his  state pays out more than every federal dollar it receives. “So maybe Senator  Paul could — could, you know, deal with that when he’s trying to deal with the  reduction of spending on the federal side.  But I doubt he would, because  most Washington politicians only care about bringing home the bacon so that they  can get reelected.”

We also find out that Paul has more than a little ego:

“He’s making a big mistake picking a fight with other Republicans, because  the Republican Party is shrinking in — in New England and in the northeast part  of our country,” Paul continued. “I’m the one trying to grow the party by  talking about liberation ideas of privacy and the Internet.  And attacking  me isn’t helping the party.  He’s hurting the party.”

“Why would he want to pick a fight with the one guy who has the chance to  grow the party by appealing to the youth and appealing to people who would like  to see a more moderate and less aggressive foreign policy,” he added.

Really Rand, you’re the one guy who can grow the party?

Anyway, this little tiff has given me reasons why I won’t vote for either of them.

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