Election in Zimbabwe

It’s been a while since I have posted about Zimbabwe, because it is no longer a basket case with 500 billion percent inflation, but now there is a big choice coming up. The next election is set for tomorrow and we’re seeing the same old Mugabe tactics:

The allegations of vote tampering have been unfolding for several weeks. Earlier this month, the Research and Advocacy Unit, a Harare-based nongovernmental group, found that the voters’ roll contains 1 million people who are either dead or have left the country, and 116,000 people over the age of 100, among other irregularities. The government tried to ban the group from launching its report.

One Web site, MyZimVote.com, says it has received several hundred complaints of voter intimidation, fraud, incorrect registrations and other irregularities ahead of the vote. And last month, the watchdog group Human Rights Watch released a report alleging that the Zimbabwean military and security forces have been beating and intimidating Mugabe’s opponents.

If the elections are free and fair, this would be a milestone for Zimbabwe and it would probably continue on its upward path. If not, the country could go back to the problems of 5 years ago. Unfortunately it looks likely that the latter will occur.

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