A revolution in Egypt?

I’m really not sure to think about the events in Egypt. It was certainly a military coup, but it was also a revolution:

The army pushed Egypt’s first democratically elected president from power after days of massive street protests, acting swiftly to remove the Islamist leader in favor of a coalition government and calling for new elections to bring stability to this deeply polarized nation.

The big question now is what happens next, because this is not a sustainable model. At least three things need to happen to make a democracy work: there need to be elections; the people in power need to be responsible to some extent; the people need to accept the results. The amazing thing about our own revolution wasn’t that we rose up or even that we formed a democracy, but that we have had a stable society as a democracy for more than 200 years–the people of the US have had some very large disagreements and yet we have not been torn apart because of them (except for that little blip about 150 years ago). That’s cause for celebration.

Happy Fourth of July.

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