Republicans double down

Mitt Romney lost the presidential election because he lost among women and minorities (President Obama won 55% of women (this is driven by a large preference among unmarried women), 93% of blacks, 71% of Hispanics, and 73% of Asians), so there was a lot of talk about change in the Republican party. How’s that going?

  • Republicans are involved in high-profile fights to get rid of abortion in places like Texas, Ohio,  and North Carolina (and in the US House and Senate).
  • Once the Supreme Court ruled against the Voting Right Act, states have rushed to put in restrictions to voting–restrictions that are much more likely to affect minorities.
  • Immigration reform passed the US Senate, but it now looks quite likely that Republicans in the House will not allow it to pass.

So, they have decided to really push the issues that caused them problems in the last election. And the person who said that the Republican Party should stop being the stupid party, is being stupid. This is an interesting ‘strategy’.

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