War is peaches

Via here, I hear that the latest spin is that the IRS is going to let conservatives die through the implementation of Obamacare. Interesting. So, here’s the reasoning: Obamacare will, through the IRS, allow some people to die so we have to stop the expansion of Medicaid, such as in Texas, paid for by Obamacare. This will mean that … a lot of people will die from a lack of insurance–we need to let a bunch of people die so that some people don’t die. This is 1984 doublethink but without any rhyme or reason and without awareness (ok, I guess that’s the point in 1984).

Today is Friday, so I can’t end on this type of note. Here’s a picture of the latest Soyuz rocket being brought to the launchpad, I really like their look (Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls):

Expedition 36 Soyuz TMA-09M Rollout

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