No more Bachmann and anti-packing

So, Michelle Bachmann is going to retire. I don’t really care why, I’m just glad she’s going away. That doesn’t mean the craziness will go away (also see here):

That appeals court, known as the D.C. Circuit, often represents the last word on financial regulations, labor rights and environmental protections. With the confirmation last week of Obama’s first successful nominee to the court, Sri Srinivasan, the D.C. Circuit is now evenly balanced, 4 to 4, with appointees from Republican and Democratic presidents.

Enter Grassley with a bill he calls the Court Efficiency Act.

“The legislation is very straightforward,” Grassley said at a Senate Judiciary hearing last month. “It would add a seat to the 2nd and the 11th Circuit. At the same time, it would reduce the number of authorized judgeships for the D.C. Circuit from 11 to eight.”

Grassley says the D.C. Circuit doesn’t have enough work to do, so he wants to cut one seat altogether and send two others to busier appeals courts in New York and Georgia. He’s supported by seven other Republicans on the Judiciary Committee.

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, a fan of the move, last week accused Obama of packing the court.

“I certainly hope that neither the White House nor my Democratic colleagues will instead decide to play politics and seek without any legitimate justification to pack the D.C. Circuit with unneeded judges, simply in order to advance a partisan agenda,” Lee said.

So, if President Obama doesn’t agree to reduce the size of the court so that Republicans regain some control then that’s partisan. Gotcha. I assume that Grassley would be willing to allow Obama to appoint 2 new judges and then move the two judges who have been at the court longest–after all, they have the most experience and so would be more help to the other courts. No?

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