Hezbollah fights for a dictator

Hezbollah has now officially said they are fighting with Assad’s forces in Syrian:

In a televised address, Hasan Nasrallah gave the clearest public acknowledgment to date that his men are fighting alongside Assad’s troops and will continue to do so. As he spoke, Hezbollah and government forces were escalating an assault on the strategically important Syrian town of Qusair.

There are two very large problems with this for Hezbollah. First, it means they are now fighting for a secular dictator against other Muslim Arabs, this will lose them a lot of backers across the Middle East. Second, since they are in the government in Lebanon, they have widened the war to include Lebanon, which I don’t think will make them popular with Lebanon. They have given reasons for both decisions:

Nasrallah said Saturday that Hezbollah has now entered a new phase in which it will fight on two fronts. He framed the conflict in Syria as a struggle against an extremist opposition that is backed by Israel and the United States and characterized Assad’s regime as Hezbollah’s “backbone.”

Since the push began on Qusair, fighting has flared in Lebanon’s second city of Tripoli, where clashes between pro- and anti-Syrian government forces have claimed 25 lives over the past week.

Nasrallah condemned the violence in Tripoli, arguing that it would be better if the opposing factions crossed the border and fought in Syria.

I don’t think either of these comments is going to sway anyone: they’re fighting against extremist Muslims that are allied with Israel?; they think they can make war in Syria with no consequences in Lebanon? Really?

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