Robots and us

Kevin Drum has a piece about the coming Artificial Intelligence revolution when computers become smarter than people and he believes it will happen relatively soon–perhaps by 2040. In the long run this should lead to a kind of paradise, but getting there could be trouble as more and more jobs get taken by robots (if a robot can think as well as a person, then they will eventually be able to do any job a person can). This means we get to play the guessing game about the future. Here are some of mine:

  • Some things will be easier for robots to do than others so this will lead to a makers vs. takers argument magnified.
  • For some jobs, parts of it will be easier for robots than others so there will be increasing pressure to combine robots and people. We will start to seem some form of augmentation to humans to combine the two.
  • A more organized form of parallel computing by humans will start to evolve–both for enjoyment and for employment.

Hmm, as I continue to think about it, it seems my prediction is for some form of Borg collective to arise. I don’t actually foresee one collective, but I do think there will start to be some.

What are your guesses?

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