Violence is way down

A report on gun violence came out yesterday. It shows that gun violence is way down, but that’s part of the general picture where violence and crime have dropped considerably since 1993 (violent crime is down about 71% and serious violent crime is down about 75%–from here):


That’s pretty stunning. Homicides have also dropped but not as dramatically (the number is down about 38% but that underestimates the decrease because it isn’t adjusted for population; from here–I found the numbers for total homicides by dividing the number of gun homicides by the percent given in the file, thus the number could be off a bit; note the blip in 2001 is from 9/11):


The numbers aren’t dropping as quickly now as they did from 1993 to 2000, but it’s still dropping–it’s always niceto see some good news.

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