It seems that Republicans want to put Obamacare front and center in the election of 2014. Republicans will try to make this work in two ways: cut money for implementation and play up any problems that come up (and there will be problems). As Greg Sargent notes, articles like this are basically saying what Republicans want to be said–when problems arise Democrats (well, anybody) should talk about them to make the law better, but if newspapers interpret this as saying the Democrats are against Obamacare then the cause is lost. As Kevin Drum notes, the way to get around this is to start playing up the benefits of Obamacare as much and as soon as possible. If they do, then it will be Republicans that will have to answer difficult questions such as: what will you do to control medical spending?; what will you do so everyone has access to healthcare? Democrats and supporters need to play up all the problems with the current system. Played right, this is a big win for Democrats.

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