There was a rally in Boston for gun rights:

Dire predictions of tyranny were answered with defiance by 1,000 people on Boston Common. And the overarching message, delivered by a parade of speakers today to a receptive audience, was that gun control will subvert the US Constitution and open the door to a police state.

And here’s freedom in action:

The National School Shield Report focuses on a host of possible safety measures, such as internal door security and perimeter fencing, but its central recommendation is that armed personnel should be posted in all schools. Former congressman Asa Hutchinson (R-Ark.), who led the $1 million study, said schools could use “school resource officers” — typically local police trained to work in schools — or arm teachers or administrators designated by school boards or superintendents.

You might argue that basically locking up students and having armed personnel everywhere might be described as the beginning of a police state, but there’s a one word response to that: Guns. The same thing holds true in the way this was announced:

The National Rifle Association’s security guards gained notoriety earlier this year when, escorting NRA officials to a hearing, they were upbraided by Capitol authorities for pushing cameramen. The thugs were back Tuesday when the NRA rolled out its “National School Shield” — the gun lobbyists’ plan to get armed guards in public schools — and this time they were packing heat.

About 20 of them — roughly one for every three reporters  — fanned out through the National Press Club, some in uniforms with gun holsters exposed, others with earpieces and bulges under their suit jackets.

In a spectacle that officials at the National Press Club said they had never seen before, the NRA gunmen directed some photographers not to take pictures, ordered reporters out of the lobby when NRA officials passed and inspected reporters’ briefcases before granting them access to the news conference.

Again you might try to argue that this type of intimidation is the type of thing typical of a police state, but that would be silly. Ya see, private citizens with guns can’t do anything but increase freedom. It’s obvious.

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