Republicans really want to ban all abortions

North Dakota has signed a law that outlaws abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be heard. The people pushing this are no longer even pretending that this is their real objective:

Not everyone on the anti-abortion side is happy about these more stringent state measures, fearing they could end up hurting their cause. Paul Linton, a lawyer in the anti-abortion movement who serves as special counsel with the Thomas More Society, called the heartbeat bills “a colossal waste of everyone’s time and resources.”

Mary Spaulding Balch, state legislative director for the National Right to Life Committee, said in an email, “On all pro-life legislation you have to be able to count to five. In this instance, it’s very hard to determine if there are five justices on the Supreme Court to uphold the North Dakota or Arkansas heartbeat bills.”

Janne Myrdal, North Dakota state director for the anti-abortion organization Concerned Women for America, which is one of the national organizations that support the heartbeat bill, acknowledged a split among her anti-abortion colleagues. “There’s no doubt that many of us look at it from different angles, and we have internal disagreements as to what will do the best,” she said.

They want to ban all abortion, with no exceptions for rape or health or anything. That’s why North Dakota is also trying to get a personhood amendment which would ban all abortion, it’s why Rand Paul has introduced similar legislation in the Senate, and it’s why the Republican National Convention supported a personhood amendment in their platform. So, remember this the next time some Republican (such as Mitt Romney’s sister) tries to claim that Republicans aren’t really going to outlaw all abortions. They very much want to, which is why personhood amendments have been introduced in so many states. And if you think they’ll stop if they do get rid of Roe v. Wade and ban all abortions, you’re crazy:

Approval would make North Dakota the first state with such an amendment, which doctors said could bar some forms of contraception and in-vitro fertilization and complicate end-of-life care.

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